"I Wanna Play Something Now, Lesson 2"

In "I Wanna Play Something Now, Blues Lesson, Part 2", you will learn:
- How to play a popular 'shuffle' rhythm that can be used in many songs
- How to play a popular sounding simple bass line in your left hand
- An easy way to coordinate the left and right hands together to play something that sounds good
- How to have fun being creative on the Blues
- How to start the song in one key and play it in another
- How to change the original idea of the song slightly and make it into a completely different sounding tune
- How simple ideas can sound complex when played together
- How to play a very nice sounding Blues in a couple of different keys
- And much more

Plus, you'll receive the Special Bonus,
"Modulation" (DVD or video with download orders),
when you order right away!

In the "Modulation," DVD/video, you will learn a very popular concept used by many musicians, especially singers!

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Special Bonus video: "Modulation"
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