"It's Not Enough To Know Chords. You Must Know What To Do With Them, As Well As How To Play Them"

Concepts. Concepts. Concepts.

Once you understand Concepts, the sky is the limit.

"If you only understand what something is, and not the Concepts that you can use, then you are locked in a room, with no key to get out!"

Have you ever looked at a chord book and thought, "Wow"? There are lots of cool chords in this book. Once I learn to play some of these, my playing will sound incredible.

So, you take the time to learn some of these chords, and later discover that even if you are playing some of the more advanced chords, they still do not sound like the chords you hear your favorite pianists and keyboardists playing on recordings.

This is because you have learned to play the chords, but you have not learned the concepts.

All you have done is learn how to play the chords in their basic root positions.

You then go around asking people, searching youtube and other Internet sources to find better ways to play your chords.

With all of the possiblities out there, this becomes very frustrating and confusing. Worst yet, all of this is Overwhelming.

Well, there is good news for you!

My new program that focuses on Advanced Chords is now available to you - "Chord Voicings - Phase III".

This is the third program in the "Chord Voicings - Phase" series.

Our focus in Phase III is on the 9th and 11th chords.

As I am sure you have noticed, there are literally tons of different ways to play each chord.

"But, all of the different ways to play chords, are not ways that Professionals may play them."

"Chord Voicings - Phase III" gives you a few ways to play these chords so that you will be able to build a solid foundation for your "Chord Playing House".

In other words, you are not going to be building your house starting from the roof down.

"Best yet, the voicings you learn in "Chord Voicings - Phase III", are Professional Voicings."

That is, these are Chord Voicings played by Professional Musicians.

"Imagine what it is going to be like when you are able to play these voicings!"

"Imagine the Goosebumps you will feel when you hear what you will be playing!"

You may have not thought this would be possible for you, but I am here to show you that it is!

Not only that, once you hear about the Special Bonus Video that is included with your order, you will be even more pumped up to get started.

"Chord Voicings - Phase III" is my best Chord Video in this series put together so far.

In Chord Voicings - Phase III, you will learn:

- Voicings used by Professional Musicians in different styles of music
- Shortcuts that enable you to figure out voicings in seconds
- A system for learning the Cycle Of 4ths
- A Run based on the Cycle of 4ths that you can use in any tune
- Cool sounding Tunes you can apply the voicings to
- How to play the 9th and 11th chords in all 12 keys
- Quartal and sus4 voicings (these are Professional voicings heard frequently)
- 7 Chord Progressions and 35 Ways to play them
- And much more

Most importantly, you will learn and understand the concepts behind creating the chord voicings, as well as learning what, when, how, where, and why to play them.

Since "Chord Voicings - Phase III" is for Intermediate to Advanced players, and focuses on Advanced Chords, you should have a basic understanding of 7th Chords before considering the Phase III program. If you do not, please check out the "Chord Voicings - Phase II" program first.

You are probably wondering how much the "Chord Voicings - Phase III" program is going to cost.

I do teach the voicings in this program privately over many lessons. However, if you learn them in my private lessons, you will spend several hundred dollars over the course of quite a few lessons.

The "Chord Voicings - Phase III" program is available to you for just a fraction of that amount.

Your investment is not going to be $200 or even $100. Your investment in this lifetime skill is only $79.77 plus FREE Shipping Anywhere In The World.

Or, if you prefer to get started right away, you can download the entire program for only $43.77.

I am sure you will agree that something you will be using for lifetime is much more valuable than what your investment will be in this program.

If you are serious about improving your sound and understanding the concepts behind the sounds of Professional Musicians, then I can show you how.

Special Bonus
If you order "Chord Voicings - Phase III" in the next few minutes, I will add another DVD (video for downloaded programs) to your order absolutely FREE.
"7 Chord Progressions, 35 Ways To Play Them" will be included.
In this program, I take 7 of the most powerful and popular progressions that are played in most styles of music and show you 35 Ways to do different things with them.
These progressions are heard in Jazz, Popular Music, Gospel, Rock, and most other styles of music.
Best yet, once you see how easy the concept behind the 35 ways to play the chord progressions is, you will be able to create many more ways to play the progressions.

"You'll be surprised at how easy this concept is to learn"

Don't get locked in a room with no way out by only learning what to play.

Is this program for the Piano or Keyboard?
This program can be used for either the piano or keyboard. The concepts taught can be applied to both.

What level is "Chord Voicings - Phase III" designed for?
Phase III is geared towards the Late-Intermediate to Advanced player. You should have a basic understanding of how to play 7th Chords.

If you are not familiar with playing 7th Chords, please check out the "Chord Voicings - Phase II" program first.

How Long Does It Take For Me To Receive The Program?
If you order the Instant Download, you can get started learning in just a few minutes. If you order the DVD program, your program is usually shipped to you within 1 business day after your order is received.

You will receive an email with a confirmation number when your order has shipped.

Are Orders Shipped Outside Of The United States?
Yes, orders are shipped worldwide, and are usually sent by the US Post Office First Class Mail Service.
The estimated arrival time to countries outside of the US is 6 to 10 business days.

Will the DVDs work on computers and DVD players in other countries outside the US?
Yes. The DVDs are region free, and will work anywhere in the world.

Are you serious about learning how to improve your sound?

Are you willing to have some fun along the way?

Are you willing to study material that is easy to learn?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, just click on one of the order buttons below to set the ball in motion.

I look forward to helping you on your piano adventures!

Let's have some fun!

All the best,

Charley Wyser

P.S. Receive "7 Chord Progressions, 35 Ways To Play Them" Special Bonus DVD is FREE with your order!

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