"How To Play Chords That Sound Like A Professional - Phase II"

-Learn These Secrets In Months, Not Years!

From: Charley Wyser
Saturday, 8:08 AM

How do you get your chords to sound the same as those nice-sounding chords you hear pianists and keyboardists playing on recordings?

There are a couple of ways to answer this question. First, you need to learn how to play the chords the way the pros are playing them.

Secondly, you need to learn why they are playing chords this way. In other words, you need to learn the theory behind what is going on in the art of playing chords.

"Everything Centers Around The Art Of Chord Voicings"

Remember, when we "voice" chords, we split the notes between hands. This way we "open" the sound of our chords to make them more interesting and appealing to our ears.

In Chord Voicings Phase I, we took our basic three-note chords and split them between hands. We learned how to play these chords in all twelve keys, and then learned how to apply them to songs.

In Chord Voicings Phase II, we will expand on this concept. But, we will apply this to more advanced chords, and go into more detail.

This way, you will develop a deeper understanding as to how things work.

In Chord Voicings - Phase II, you will learn:
- How to split chords between hands to get professional sounding chords
- 2 Powerful Sets of Chord Voicings Used By Professionals
- How To Mix Chord Voicings For a More Professional Sound
- How To Play One Of The Most Powerful Chord Progressions Used In Almost All Styles Of Music (Hint: It's not the I, IV, V progression)
- How To Alter Chords By Changing The Tones Within The Voicing
- How To Play All Of The Chords You Learn In All 12 Keys
- How To Finger These Chord Voicings
- How To Apply Chord Voicings To Fake Books and Lead Sheets
- How To Combine Melodies With These Chord Voicings
- 3 Critical Rules For Applying Chord Voicings To Melodies
- How To Have Fun and Enjoy The Sound
- And much more

As you can see, this program is going to be jam-packed with information to get your playing to the next level.

In Chord Voicings - Phase II, I will hold your hand, and walk you through the chord voicings in all twelve keys.

"Let me use my years of teaching and playing experience to
make this process easy and fun for you".

Here's what some have said about my teaching and presentation methods:
"You have a way of presenting material that moves at a pace that is easy to follow and understand"
"I've taken lessons for a few years, and you are the only one I have been able to understand"
"GREAT WORK! You know your stuff"
"I really enjoy the way you teach the piano chords. Your technique is very easy to learn and remember"
"Had a great lesson. You did a wonderful job. I actually could feel the music"
"You are a great teacher, and if the student practices, she/he reaps great rewards"
"It is a rare musician that can bring his/her knowledge to the level of a newbie or almost newbie! You are exceptional... and I thank you."
"You are one of the best piano teachers thnx."
"I just wanna thank you again for teaching me what I have been trying to learn forever"
"I've started taking keyboard as a major and was struggling to grasp the chords, but you explained it better than anyone I've seen/heard to date"

You will be able to move at your own pace

If you wish to learn all twelve keys, and then try the songs, you can. Or, if you wish to learn some of the keys and then try the songs you can.

Most importantly, you will learn how to play and apply these voicings in a very systematic manner. And, you will have fun doing so.

If you already play, you can even apply your new-found knowledge to songs you already know.

"Imagine what your playing will sound like when you apply the voicings that you learn from this program"!

All of this information is presented to you in an easy-to-follow "aerial" view of the keys.

You will see what my fingers are playing exactly, and hear me explaining everything to you at the same time.

This way, learning is easy and fun!

"Imagine what it will feel like learning this material in weeks instead of years".

Chord Voicings - Phase II consists of 4 Videos (including the Special Bonus).

How much is Chord Voicings - Phase II?

Each phase in this series will be a little more expensive, since each phase will cover more material. When I teach this material in private lessons, these chord voicings in all twelve keys are spread out over a few weeks.

Phase II Lessons would cover quite a few more lessons than Phase I since it is more extensive. In private lessons, this would easily cost over $200. And this is for the same information you learn in Chord Voicings - Phase II Videos.

You are not going to pay anywhere close to this. As a matter of fact, you will only invest a fraction of this amount.

Act now, and this program is yours for a small investment of only $79.77$43.77.

Best yet, since this is an Instant Video Download, you pay no shipping and handling charges.

Just click on the "Buy It Now" button, and in minutes, you will be on your way to learning how to play chords the same way professionals do.

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Special Bonus
Many people that I talk to express and interest in learning how to apply chords and voicings to Fake books and Lead sheets. When you order within the next few minutes, you will also receive the Special Bonus Video, "How To Apply Chord Voicings To Fake Books And Lead Sheets" Absolutely FREE.

In this video, you will see examples of Fake book and Lead sheets with me walking you through applying the chord voicings in a step-by-step manner.

"You will discover and hear how easy it is to develop a powerful sound playing from a Fake book or Lead sheet"

Just click on the "Buy It Now" button, and in minutes, you will be on your way to learning how to play chords the same way professionals do.

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Imagine being able to hear a completely different sound coming from the chords you play.

Imagine the feelings, and sense of accomplishment you will have.

Just click on the "Buy It Now" button, and in minutes, you will be on your way.

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So, Let's go ahead and have some fun!

I am looking forward to helping you with your piano adventures.

All the best,

Charley Wyser

P.S. You will learn the art of Chord Voicing in four Phases. You will finally be able to play your chords the exact same way professionals play chords on recordings, and in concerts. Best yet, you will learn how to do this by going from the very basics, to the advanced, one phase at a time.

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