"Adding Chords To Single Note Melodies"

In "Adding Chords To Single Note Melodies, Phase I", you will learn:
- How to number the tones of the Major scale
- How to play simple, familiar melodies based on the Major scale
- How lots of songs are written based on the Major scale
- How to add chords to the single notes of songs
- How to split the chords between hands (voicing) to make songs sound better
- How to add Melody notes to the chords
- How to number the chords in any key
- How the same 3 chords (or any 1 of the 3) appear in almost every tune
- How to include the melody note on top of the chords you have split between hands
- And much more

Plus, you'll receive the Special Bonus,
"Single Note" Chord Chart when you order right away!

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